Mobile based game
Ball To Ring 🥏 Catch The Stubborn Balls 🥏

A thrilling mobile game for players with excellent reflexes. Kill your #boriyat with this simple game. It’s all about hand-eye coordination. Let’s dive in!!!

All you need in this #lockdown is Ball To Ring!!!
Simple yet addictive game to bust your stress!!!
  • Dark theme with neon colors balls
  • Pleasing sound effects
  • Soothing graphics & Attractive animations
  • Got out??? Don’t worry, you might be the lucky one to get an extra life
  • Challenge your friends with your scores in just a click
All the features you want

Speeds up with time

As you move forward in the game, it speeds up for more adrenaline rush

Addictive gameplay

With its simple yet attractive gameplay, this game is addictive in nature

Lots of Rewards

You can get several types of rewards in the game by watching short ads

Challenge your friends with 1-click

The game lets you challenge your friends via WhatsApp/Instagram with just a click of a button

Optimized for your mobile

This game has been designed for both low-end and high-end phones. The game won’t eat up battery or internet quickly.

Lots of challenges

During gameplay, you get encountered with lots of challenges

Super simple yet tough

Simple outside, tougher inside. Challenges your inner-self

Completely offline game

No internet on wheels??? No worries with Ball To Ring

Get extra life

Were you about to break the record but got out? Now revive your life to set a higher record

We are always there

Facing any issue? Just drop us a message via email/social media and we are here to help you
How to Play???
Catch the ball on the right side

Tap on the right side of the screen to rotate the Gizmo clockwise. Align the gizmo with the same color ball to catch it and score a point

Catch the ball on the left side

Tap on the left side of the screen to rotate the Gizmo anti-clockwise. Align the gizmo with the same color ball to catch it and score a point

How to challenge?

Simply tap on the Challenge button to challenge your friends. The game will take an automatic screenshot of your current score and send a message. You can choose to challenge via multiple social media platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, etc

App Screenshots
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